CAIG Meeting June 7, 2004

Using Options to Hedge and Speculate Using The Pristine Method®

There are no “holy grails,” magic software, or short cuts to success in the stock market. Pristine Capital Holdings, the leading educator for self-directed traders, teaches various price recognition patterns with an emphasis on objectivity and risk management. Our goal is to focus primarily on the only thing that matters: price. We strive to eliminate subjective data (e.g., oscillators and other derivatives of price) and emotions in trading. This helps to keep your opinions about the market direction in alignment with market, not your wishes of what you want to happen.

Pristine will share some of the strategies contained in two of its nationally recognized courses, Pristine Option Strategies, and Trading The Pristine Method M Part II. Pristine believes that this brief workshop will change the way you view the markets and the way you trade for the rest of your life. Foremost, you will learn that a simple but powerful analysis of supply and demand is the key to "objective" trading. This will be done without the currently accepted subjective analysis tools used by so many traders today. Many option players blindly throw option strategies around without considering the health of the underlying equity using technical and volume analysis. You will learn how Pristine applies the appropriate option strategy after a careful analysis of the equity using The Pristine Method®, consistent with the risk profile of the trader and whether the trade is a day trade (15 minutes to hours), swing trade (one to five days) or core trade (one to 26 weeks). The Pristine Certified Trainer will review some past actual trades and will discuss which strategies are most appropriate under what market environments to match the trader's risk profile and objectives.

Dan Gibby, Biography

Dan is the lead moderator of Pristine's Advanced Stock and Derivatives Trading Room, aggressively trading Stocks, Futures and Options on all time frames. He re-joined Pristine's educational support team in Summer 2001 as West Coast Manager. He has been a student of for over five years where Oliver Velez and Greg Capra personally mentored him. During that period, Dan has been instructing at many events and on-line chat rooms, educating students on the art of active self-directed trading, while actively trading equities and derivatives. Having traded in his lucrative law practice in Florida to trade the financial markets, he's an unusual mixture of clever academic and skillful trader. Dan has over 20,000 trades to his credit and relies primarily on Japanese candlestick chart patterns to assess classical technical analysis, market internals, and contrarian psychological indicators (extreme public optimism or relentless gloom) in making his trading decisions.

Dan is constantly studying the financial markets, and has been interviewed by financial media including, CNBC Europe, The Money Channel, WebFN, and ON24. He has passed the tests entitling him to be a Securities broker (Series 7 and 63) and Options Specialist (Series 4). Dan started college at age 15, has a record of high academic achievement, and has strong communication skills. As a former CPA and attorney (member of The Florida Bar), he is uniquely qualified to interpret and trade on company specific news. Dan is also a Pristine Certified Trainer, produced Pristine’s Online and CD Seminar, Options Trading the Pristine Way With Dan Gibby, and presents internationally Pristine seminars, Trading Labs and Private Mentorships. He is also a member of Pristine's esteemed Research Team and Pristine Trader Coach Program.